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En esta sección te presentamos las últimas 5 entradas de nuestros blogs de referencia

Jeff Douglas Blog

Jeff es uno de nuestros gurús de referencia en el mundo de Salesforce. Con más de 10 años de experiencia (y muchos más en arquitectura de software) se convirtió en Force.com MVP en 2013 y no ha dejado de serlo. Nos mola de Jeff por tres razones.

1. Le gusta integrar cualquier nueva tecnología con Salesforce.
2. Siempre ofrece un workaround para funcionalidades que necesitas y que salesforce no proporciona en el standard.
3. Le encanta cacharrear con las últimas funcionalidades de cada release.

Por esto, por todas las veces que nos has sacado de un aprieto de código y por mucho más, Jeff, eres un jefazo. Sin duda un blog que no te puedes perder.

Bob Buzzard Blog

Código, código y más código. Este Arquitecto y Force.com MVP está obsesionado con mostrarnos las entrañas de salesforce. El siempre intentará primero mostrarte el secreto origen del universo salesforce «los metadatos». Pertenece a la antigua escuela del la consola de comandos. No te dejará impasivo con sus útiles aplicaciones. Síguelo, aprenderás seguro.

  • Artificial Indolence - Your Automated Accomplice

    Hot on the heels of the Einstein GPT launch at TrailblazerDX, it gives me great pleasure to announce Artificial Indolence. If you are lazy, workshy, or just plain incompetent, Artificial Indolence can help you to hang on to your job while underperforming, far longer than anyone would reasonably expect. Artificial Indolence is a general purpose tool (GPT), with use cases across the […]

  • Lightning Web Component References in Spring '23

    Introduction Another week, another post about new LWC directives in 'Spring 23 - this time the lwc:ref directive. As the name suggests, this provides a reference to the component, one that can be used in JavaScript to access the element with a minimum of fuss. Usage To define a reference to a component, simply specify the lwc:ref directive in the HTML: <h1 […]

  • Einstein GPT - Rise of the Machines?

    The very first computer magazine that I bought, way back in February 1981, was an issue of Personal Computer World with a story entitled "THE LAST ONE". This was a revolutionary system where you described what you wanted the program to do in plain English and it generated the code for you. This was being sensationalised as the end of programmers as we know them, yet I've managed a […]

  • Apex Roadmap: User Mode with Permission Sets

    As has been the case since the first TrailheaDX in 2016, the stars didn't align so that I could attend in person. Luckily a lot of the content is already up on Salesforce+, including a very interesting session on the Apex roadmap from Daniel Ballinger and Chris Peterson. One feature that is currently in development really stood out for me - User Mode with Permission Sets.  […]

  • Such a Thing as a Free App Again

    This post had a last minute change of tack, as Salesforce rowed back their plans to charge for security reviewing free apps. It's still something I wanted to publish, as I think free apps add real value to many customers and I'd hate to see them go away. Earlier this year Salesforce announced changes to the way that app exchange listings are charged - a lot of us missed […]